Monday, September 11, 2006

What Really Happened on 9/11

Five years ago today, I stood gaping in horror as the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center crumbled to dust. I was not watching it on television, but rather from the streets of New York City. I was in town to deliver the keynote address for the ASPO USA Peak Oil conference at New York University (ironically, my fellow Peak Oil advocate Matthew Simmons would deliver a powerful speech on the same subject in October of 2007.

I was asked to do this conference because I'd just received my PhD Geology from Islamic Azad University in Tehran (complimenting my PhD in Economics from The University of Aberdeen). While in Iran, I was able to observe oil production there. Combined with previous experience in Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Venezuela and elsewhere, they believed I could provide detailed evidence of having reached Peak Oil capacity from first hand knowledge of multiple data points.

I never got to deliver that address. I was in the hotel lobby of the Soho Grand when the first plane hit (yes, I believe it was a plane, not a missle, drone or explosive device). I saw - and felt - the second impact.

Witnessing the impact was not important, but the immediate aftermath was. I saw the flames.

I know oil and I know fuel. When jet fuel burns, you can see an orange flash. Instead, I saw a BRIGHT OCHRE HUE. There’s only one explanation for seeing that shade of yellow.

Methyl Nitrate. Methyl nitrate is the methyl ester of nitric acid and has the chemical formula CH3NO3. Methyl nitrate is toxic and a sensitive explosive. It causes headaches when fumes are inhaled. It can be produced by the condensation of nitric and methanol: CH3OH + HNO3 → CH3NO3 + H2O

Sorry for the chemistry lesson, it's a hard habit to break after being in academia for so much of my life.

What's special about Methyl Nitrate, besides the color, is that unlike conventional explosives, forensics can’t detect it. (For more on Methyl Nitrate check out this post on the "rogue science forum". Note that it is months before 9/11.)

I believe Methyl Nitrate was added to the jet fuel of the 747 that crashed into the Twin Towers. If footage existed of the Pentagon or Pennsylvania crashes, I think you'd see that glow itself.

Who added the Methyl Nitrate to the fuel, and why? As a scientist, I can only offer theories, not definitive proof. It is possible a foreign power, or a non-state actor such as Al Qaeda could have added it. This would require quite a bit more logistical coordination than I believe either is capable.

The most likely explanation is that 9/11 was an "inside job". Meaning, it involved people or persons involved in the airline industry, the oil industry, airport security...or some combination thereof. I have further beliefs based on my post-9/11 expierience, but for now - just the facts.

More to come.

(Due to the vitriol in the comments I received for this post, I deleted and shut down comments. Dissent is welcome, but it should be conducted in a civilized manner).