Sunday, February 22, 2009

What Does 9/11 have to do with Peak Oil?

This is a question I've gotten a lot, and one that's probably in the head of those who have interviewed me for jobs and not hired me.

I'll make it simple. As I posted earlier, I believe the explosive Methyl Nitrate was added to the fuel in the 747s used in the attack.

I also believe that we are at, near, or past global Peak Oil capacity and I fear that we might be headed towards a oil depletion in the very near future.

I'm as green as they come. I ride a bike instead of a car, I use solar power for everything but the heat for my chilly Minnesota home (I heat with peat!).

I want to see an carbon-free world. But I don't want us to plunge headfirst into it overnight. The more precipitous the switch from oil to renewables will the more painful the switch might be. By pain I mean, I don't know, say the collapse of the global economy and wars for oil that will dwarf anything we've seen in the Middle East in both size and scope.

Do you see the connection? I'm worried about someone adding Methyl Nitrate to oil refineries. Boom goes the dynamite...and we're that much closer to oil depletion.

While I've made it clear I don't want to share my worst case scenarios, if I've thought of this, it's already out there.

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