Wednesday, February 20, 2002

The Title Says It All

Well, actually, the title of the blog is a bit of hyperbole. I'm not sure if we're AT peak oil, but based on my considerable work as both an economist and geologist, we're certainly NEAR it. We may even be past it.

If you don't know that of which I speak, let me quote Wikipedia. "Peak oil is the point in time when the maximum rate of global petroleum access is reached, after which the rate of production enters terminal decline."

Basically, we're about to run out of oil. The objective of this blog is to bring attention to that fact. Yes - I'm calling it a fact. There are those who will try to debunk the theories behind Peak Oil. In fact, I was one of them, and insofar as it helps me bring attention to the problems Peak Oil poses, I'll share my journey with you. Just remember that Global Warming was a theory...until it wasn't.

I want - no, I NEED - to tell you about Peak Oil and the dire consequences it poses to our economy, foreign policy, and to the very earth itself.

But I'm not some Thurston Veigh, "Bring on The End Times!" doomsday prophet. Will chaos ensue when (not if) the wells run dry? Yes. But ultimately, ideally, we'll be a much healthier planet. Less CO2 in the atmosphere. The collapse of autocratic petro-states. No need for us to prop up or invade said petro-states.

That's IF we manage things right. We should NOT turn to "clean coal" (an oxymoron if I've ever heard one), natural gas, or nuclear power. We have a short period of time where we can invest in wind, solar and other "green" industries, and ramp them up to scale so they can support the imminent collapse of the worldwide oil market.

My mission in life is to make that transition period as painless as possible.

Be warned. My critics are going to come at me hard. They are particularly going to question the reasons behind my dismissal from the University of Minnesota faculty, distort my political and misrepresent my membership in the Cooperative of Concerned Citizens For Privacy.

I will try to address these claims in subsequent posts to head my critics off. All I ask is that you have an open mind when you read this blog.

-Peace be On To You

Nathaniel Houston

Krammada Elbas. 5:30

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