Saturday, February 21, 2009


Well, as much as I've enjoyed working with CCCP, it's not a job I can support myself or my family on for much longer. And it's not fair to a non-profit to ask for the kind of compensation I would need for such things.

I've posted my resume on Linked In. I'm going to share the "about me" section; constructive criticism would be appreciated

"Growing up in Texas with the last name Houston, it's not surprising that I went into oil. What I didn't know was that oil would let me get out of Texas, and not just to Oklahoma. As a geologist for Big Oil (Conico Phillips, Aramco, Shell Nigeria) I traveled from Venezuela to Nigeria to Saudi Arabia.

My jobs and locations seemed as limitless as the most promising oil reserve ever discovered.Of course, the supply oil is limited, as were my job opportunities when I suggested as much. Admitting that we may be at or near Peak Oil is heresy in the Oil Industry.

I am nothing if not a seeker of truth. When I presented all the geological data about Peak Oil to my superiors at Saudi Aramco, I was dismissed but not deterred. Despite my many years of hands on experience in the field, my geology was considered fringe science.

I decided that I would need economic data to support my points, and was accepted in the presigious PhD program at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. Let me tell you - the cool air was a nice repreive from the jungles of Venezeula aid Nigeria, and the rainfall a novelty after so many dry Arabian days nights.

Upon graduation, I could not find a teaching position or employment in the oil industry. My reputation was still tarred as a "Peak Oil Conspiracist".The only place that would take me was the Islamic Azad University in Tehran. There I finished my PhD in Geology.

With such credentials and experience, the University of Minnesota either ignored or had no knowledge of my Peak Oil theories and was happy to have me as a visiting professor. I was assured this was a trial position, and that a tenured professorship was down the pike.

I wish I could blame my Peak Oil theories for my dismissal, but I believe it had more to do with my membership in the Cooperative of Concerned Citizens for Privacy. I serve as a board member now, but that group saved me when I found myself persecuted for speaking out about the truth behind 9/11."

To all employers, I think even if you speak to those who have dismissed me, you'll find that I do my "rantings" about Peak Oil on my own time. I can still teach geology, particularly petroleum geology. I can still do surveys of new reserves and manage and oil field.

While I want an employer that does not care what my politics are. I will work for any energy company, as long as they are seriously committed to green energy solutions.

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